We are a landscape company, specializing in the redevelopment of Parks and Gardens, as well aslandscaping. We design, design and realize your external projects, all bodies of state, for work on external networks, electricity, home automation, masonry, metalworking, metalworking, earthworks, plantations, Grubbing, sodding,...
We ensure the management and the support of your projects, from the first appointment to the delivery of the works, without distinction of small or large yards, as well as tariff.

Weare maintaining the parks and gardens. We also carry out occasional interventions or take over the year, taking care to pay special attention to the nutritional needs of the soil and the plants.

Finally, we have developed a third part of our activity for the retail sale of fertilizers, amendments, mulches and other decorative elements such as pottery, metal Tesa, Trellises, occultants and fencing, To individuals, condominiums and institutions.

We work as reseller with the platform BIO Yvelines Services with private individuals and condominiums.

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Landscape Design

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Building Design

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Sale of products

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As part of a possible development, the old-fashioned gardens anticipate a job offer, to be seen in our contact section.

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    The old-fashioned gardens
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    The old-fashioned gardens
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