The Contemplative Garden


Time is suspended...

So take time to stray, for time is no longer counted in these gardens. It must be used in the image of a bee foraging for flowers...s into plants, thoughts into freedoms.
A pleasure that must seem accessible, simple and yet required a lot of thought and effort on the part of the landscaper, to suggest to your mind and body, the desire to become one, letting you wander through these gardens and their "Contemplative" spirit.
Be curious and open-minded, many of the gardens have a story or sensations to share with you. Take your time, and take a good look. You don't have to go far to travel, the gardens are a perfect example...

contemplative garden mandala

Contemplation - inner peace

There are gardens where we would like to jump, run, roll in the grass and find all kinds of plants, colours, scents or decorative elements! Here, the interest is elsewhere. Everything must inspire calm, serenity, a return to simple, deep things - whether personal or shared.
It is a look that should invite a feeling of calm and tranquillity, which can lead to a state of rejuvenation, of spiritual journey, or even lead to a form of meditation sometimes sought after by people who have come to discover or immerse themselves in the place.
It is a journey for oneself, or with oneself, to be shared with all those who are dear to us, or to whom we would like to make discover an atmosphere, an emotion and to have a good time, with in filigree the desire to lead us towards a form of beatitude, where the spirit could rest, leaving the eye and the senses favourable to reverie :
A place where the landscape and the landscaper fade away, to let you dream, think; without limits or constraints, in harmony with yourself. You are the guide, or you let yourself be guided according to your moods.

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