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robot mow with base

The Green Spaces

Mowing robots - a solution for more responsible mowing of green spaces

The advantages are many; daily passes ensure a complete mowing of an area over 48 hours, restoring to the ground its quantity of organic matter and limiting the disadvantages of using walking tractor rotary mowers.
The robot works from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm during the mowing periods in order to limit as much as possible the disturbance to the biotope and the fauna of the area. (In winter it is stored).
The result: a dense lawn, a soil ensuring good permeability with better oxygenation and an increased water reserve, by the elimination of mowing too short mowing cumulated at too high blade rotation speeds and repeated punching of the soil by the weight and walking of the operators.
These problems are eliminated by the robot thanks to a constant mowing height maintained between a minimum of 7 cm and a maximum of 10 cm, and the conservation of mowing waste on the spot, which contributes to a regular supply of nitrogen, coupled with controlled watering, ensure that the lawn has good vigour and an attractive appearance.
Without forgetting that the non-collection of cutting waste does not require transport by van in a recycling platform, equipped with combustion engine machines to ensure the transformation into green compost, compost that never returns to its initial area.
The electric robot mower not only has advantages but also makes it possible to date and in the meantime other technical developments to limit the incidences and disorders of all kinds related to lawn mowing.