Landscape Design

Les Jardins à l'Ancienne

Ideas that have germinated...


The decoration of the garden gathers all that can decorate the garden, and which can be:

  • Tables and chairs for lunch.
  • Sofas, armchairs, benches and deckchairs.
  • Blinds, parasols and arbors.
  • Fixed or mobile lighting (ROGER PRADIER)
  • Pottery, bins, planters,...
  • Treilles, pergolas, pyramids, wooden or metal vases
  • Other metal, wooden or PVC frames, buried (maintenance of materials) or above ground (fascinates, Tesa)
  • bricked or pre-fabricated borders KRONIMUS)
  • Statues and any other artistic form to highlight.

Garden Decoration

The garden decoration is often defined under the name "Garden furniture", or even in public space "urban furniture".

It is available in different forms and aesthetics depending on the periods and themes covered and used that could start from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to reach our days, passing through the English gardens, The FrenchGardens, the ItalianGardens, the JapaneseGardens, but also romantic, rural, contemporary and urban.

As much to say that the offer is to adapt to the style and the aesthetic that everyone wants to develop and recreate in his garden. The offer includes both new and manufactured goods and unique and well-behaved pieces in flea markets and antique dealers.


Our accomplishments