Landscape Design

Les Jardins à l'Ancienne, Contemporary garden, landscape design, nicolas gobert

Ideas that have germinated...

These two gardens have been worked in a minimalist manner at the level of vegetation. The main work has been done on the distribution of planted, grassy and mineralized surfaces, by a set of tense lines, proportions and geometry. The work of the ground, in its elevation aspect must correspond perfectly and echo the proportions of masonry, massive and architecture of the house and other dependencies.

In this context, the plant is serving the other disciplines of the garden, especially with the decorative aspect, but also the lighting, the statues, the sculptures...

In the two gardens you discover in our image gallery, the bias has been different:

the first garden is made of concrete surfaces tinted and colored in the mass with a complete layout of the garden where we have also treated the networks, outdoor lighting of type Roger Pradier, decorative wood panels, Japanese quartzite steps, plantations and grassing.

The second garden is laid lightly on a layer of sand, laid edge to edge, using concrete slabs from the company Kronimus with a belt in Metal Tesa textbook EverEdge made of galvanized steel.

Our plans arehandmade, on a drawing board, to keep the mastery of our achievements (the head drives the hand), not to limit our creativity to the possibilities of a software or a mouse... very often Inferior to our gray cells.

Contemporary Garden

The landscaping of contemporary Gardens is a matter of taking into account the materials, textures and thegraphic and technical aspect of the garden. We will focus on the shapes, the soil movements, the contrasts, bringing some decorative and structural elements.

Theuse of the plant will be done with plants often of recent varieties, sought for their graphic design.
The materials used are often concrete in all its forms, contemporary wood and metal.

Our accomplishments