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New Technologies

soil amendment

Soil Improvement

Soil agronomy fluctuates and varies within the same commune, department and region.
The Ile de France region is a sedimentary basin where many soils are present, where the relief is varied and where the intervention and use of soils over the ages has left its mark on the quality of the land and terrain but also on the structure and nature of the soils themselves.
In the context of landscaping, consideration of the nature of the soil is essential before any design project is started.



Water management

In accordance with new regulations and the Grenelle agreements, water is becoming a major issue in landscaping.
The climatic events of recent years have forced us, thanks to new techniques and a new range of equipment and materials, to rethink and integrate water management into our projects. Previously, this was an option or a specificity.
It is becoming a crucial issue, and serves as a starting point for our recommendations and reflections.



Innovative technologies

Through our projects, the requests and wishes of our customers, a technological challenge has been posed to us, without really knowing to this day if the alternatives and technologies proposed will be in the spirit of our operation.
That is to say, to be part of the long term with the most natural products possible, in short circuit, made in France if possible and guaranteeing the durability of the works and implementation, said in the rules of the art and in compliance with the DTU standards, guaranteeing the longevity and proper use of the works, materials and materials.