Autumn Flower Carpets

Even if summer is playing for time, we have realized the installation of the flower carpets in seasonal bi-annual decoration, with incorporation of spring bulbs and coverage in medium and fine mulches.
The advantage of these floral carpets is that they are made from 100% biodegradable fabrics and seams. It is quite natural that the summer floral carpets could be sent to a green recycling platform, to end up in green compost that can be reused in any landscaping and sold by us.
Colors and blooms to be found in Spring.

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Visit to Salonvert

Always a privileged moment in this month of September to walk the sunny alleys of the Château de Baville.
Thank you to Cobalys, BIO3G, Garden Arrosage, Urbasense, Etramo BV, Jardins Loisirs, Pépinières de Vildé and many others for welcoming us and presenting their ranges and new products.
See you in 2024

> Salonvert

Completion of the summer flowering

Completion of the summer flowering, by flowered carpets and potted plants. Visit our Facebook page for more pictures.

> Floriades of the ArnonThe Greenhouses of NoisyBIO3GVierkant workshop
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ÖGA Exhibition

While I was in Switzerland, I had the pleasure to visit with Mr. Yan Portellano, Head Gardener of the Temple Gardens in Bern, the ÖGA Landscape Exhibition which took place from June 29 to July 01, 2022.
An exotic show with singularities, technologies, innovations, materials sometimes specific to the Swiss market and its geographical situation, in the site of a green trade school and its magnificent application gardens and arboretum, located in a valley between the Jura mountains and the Swiss Alps.
A very good moment of sharing, with beautiful discoveries and good moments of exchanges, in particular on the stand of BIO3G Switzerland, which had been kind enough to send me an invitation to visit this magnificent exhibition.
A show to discover, whose next edition should be in June/July 2024.

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Summer decorations

On this first day of summer, it's time for summer decorations!
On this site, which we monitor with regard to amendments and organic fertilisers, as well as phytosanitary and agronomic management, and for which we carry out all the tree, shrub, architectural and topiary pruning, there is a mixture of late spring and early summer flowering, in particular perennials, shrubs but also different species and varieties of rosebushes, some of which will be planted in Autumn in 2020 and 2021. The installation of flower carpets from Floriades of the Arnon is starting to grow, taking possession of its growing mediums, aided by the heat and the rainstorms.
This is a particularly attractive season because of the range of colours, and thanks to good pest management, all the foliage and flowers can look their best!
To be continued...

More pictures on our Facebook page.

Pépinières de la SaulaieDe Vildé NurseriesBIO3GVierkant workshop
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Obtaining the DU C-SIGAD at IUGA

Dear all,
May saw the completion of the training for a D.U., concerning the elaboration of maps in GIS adapted to arboriculture and the environment as far as I was concerned. It was through the Institut d'Urbanisme et de Géographie Alpine that I was able to follow this training at the Cermosem du Pradel in the CFPPA Olivier de Serres, taught by Mr Nicolas Robinet, Mr Pascal Mao and all the speakers who took part. Thanks to the IUGA's formula for this D.U., "to apply GIS to our jobs", I was able to use GIS, and more particularly the QGIS software, to geolocate plant species with attribute data.
We are now able to offer our knowledge and expertise in tree management, coupled with digital mapping. We will be sure to share our work with you as we go along.
Thanks to all the teaching and administrative teams of the Pradel site. But also a big thank you to all the learners who made up this 2022 session for the quality of the exchanges, the good mood and the good atmosphere that accompanied us and united us during these 15 days of training spread over these 5 months, from January to May.
Yours sincerely, Nicolas Gobert.

Evolution of a garden

Well done to all of you,
You could discover the evolution of this garden designed and restructured in Spring/Summer 2021.
Now it is in full growth and the plants are beginning to adapt to their new agronomic and climatic environment.
We remain attentive, within the framework of its follow-up, to the care to be lavished on the soils and the plants, but also in their management in the perspective of the graphic restitution (arboricultural and architectural pruning) and floral (chromatic range).
Pépinières de la SaulaieDe Vildé NurseriesBIO3GEverEdgeBio Yvelines Services

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Lawnmower robot

For the second year, the robot is still involved in the maintenance of the lawns. Its presence and its daily work, following the soil improvement work and the installation of the lawn two years ago, have enabled us to maintain a supple, aerated soil, with an excellent level of grass growth, limiting the intrusion of moss and weeds.
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Spring flowers

In mid-April 2022, the spring flowers bloom, despite the changeable weather.
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Les Jardins à l'Ancienne Nicolas Gobert, tree management, tree pruning, trees, garden, gardener, landscaper, viroflay, chaville, versailles, sèvres, le chesnay, ville d'avray, velizy-villacoublay

Tree pruning

Example of tree pruning on a Nyssa synensis, of the type: pruning for the formation of the branch and the bud, which has not been done until now. Planting carried out on the site in 2017.
On a Cedrus Deodara, tree pruning of the type: reduction, alignment and sanitary pruning (dead wood). Conifer located at the corner of a property, with an imperative request from the neighbourhood to keep the plant within the limits of the client's property. Tree pruning carried out out of obligation, with a desire to have as little impact as possible on the physiology of the plant and to minimise the mechanical risks associated with the intervention.
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Landscape design work

Following the field surveys, inventory of fixtures, consultation of the team with the client's wishes for the realization of a first project plan.
Creation of reflections, sketches and graphic projections with the distribution of the space in view of the restructuring expectations clearly identified by the company and expressed by the client.
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Seminar "Spatial data for urban territories

In March 2022, I had the opportunity to attend the Seminar "Spatial data at the service of urban territories" at CNES in Paris.
I was very satisfied with the day, the topics covered, especially Copernicus EU, and the quality of the presentations and the explanations of the speakers.
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Restructuring of a private garden

Dear all,
Creation and restructuring of a private garden in a collective space. Work carried out in 2021 (photos November 2021).
See you soon...
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Pottery Atelier Vierkant, Autumn 2021

Square base with white plate ref. BTV4080W + Round white U-shaped vase ref. U40W.
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Achievement of level 2 (of 2) of the QTRA licence

Dear all,
After obtaining Level I of II last February, I obtained Level II of II of the QTRA (Quantified Tree Risk Assessment) licence in October, at the Atelier de l'Arbre, a training course led by Mike Ellison (creator of the QTRA licence) and William Moore.
The QTRA method provides a simple mathematical assessment of the risks associated with tree tipping and breakage. It eliminates subjectivity, allows controlled decision-making and leads to a reasoned allocation of resources and management of the tree stock.
This certification is the culmination of a year rich in training on the theme of trees, green/blue and black webs, while reinforcing my fields of competence in these areas and allowing me to have an ever broader and more complete vision of tree management and expertise, in connection with ecology and the urban and peri-urban environment.
Thanks again to William Moore and Mike Elisson for the quality of their teaching and the richness of the debates with the other learners, which were always very exciting.
See you soon for more news.
Yours sincerely, Nicolas Gobert.
> More information on the QTRA method:

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The World of Mycorrhizae

Dear all,
Back at the Atelier de l'Arbre, I was able to follow the training on Mycorrhizae, co-hosted by William Moore, Pierre-Emmanuel Courty and Claude Murat. A fascinating universe and surprising and captivating binocular and microscopic analyses! Root preparations based on the book by Jean Garbaye.
This training course supports 10 training courses carried out and led by William, which has enabled me to give a new dimension to my work and my professional orientation on arboricultural expertise.
Photos of Endomycorrhizae on oak, apple tree on mulch. Then Ectomicorrhizae on pine.
See you soon for more news.
Good to all,

Nicolas Gobert

Meeting with Roger Pradier

After the ceremonies at the Mairie de Paris, where Roger Pradier® was patron of the events, I had the pleasure of being invited to the Architect @ Work exhibition in Paris. On the stand Roger Pradier® I met up with Mr Stéphane Joyeux, Designer, and Ms Cécile Thévenin, our regular sales representative. Our agendas allowed us to discuss the "iciéla" project, equipped with LEDs for plants. We are discussing with Mr. Joyeux the adaptation of this model for landscape gardeners since the Milan Furniture Fair in 2019 (Salone del mobile), the first date of its public presentation.
Privileged and exciting moments, where we can share our opinions on our problems, our expectations and our wishes concerning the development of lighting for multiple uses, discreet but very graphic and design. These moments are awaited by both sides in order to share and cross-check our analyses, working methods, implementation and quality/price ratio. This approach of openness and information allows us, landscape gardeners and arboricultural experts, to better understand and master the problems as well as the development of public and private lighting equipment in the final phase of elaboration, from the Roger Pradier® range.
The approach of Roger Pradier®, and especially of Mr. Stéphane Joyeux, is to integrate this lighting from the home to the garden while taking into consideration the directives emanating from the "Trame Noire". The "iciéla" product is part of this approach to the evolution of lighting for the improvement of nocturnal biotopes and ecosystems.
It was a great step and a great satisfaction to be associated with the evolution of the Roger Pradier® company (EPV Label) through Mr. Tristan De Witte (CEO), Mr. Stéphane Joyeux (Designer DA) and Mrs. Cécile Thévenin (Representative of our sector of activity).

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Nicolas Gobert, Les Jardins à l'Ancienne, awards ceremony, Grands Prix de la Création, City of Paris, Roger Pradier

Grands Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris

I had the pleasure of attending the "Grands Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris" award ceremony following an invitation from the EPV company ROGER PRADIERthrough its CEO Mr Tristan De Witte. An exciting evening full of discoveries and interesting discussions following the ceremony.
Privileged moments to exchange with Mr De Witte and his wife as well as his collaborator Mrs de Chaumont, on the new trends, the novelties and the annexed companies attached to Mr De Witte. It is always a pleasure to have a close and simple but constructive exchange as a customer with our exclusive partner in electrical equipment both through their classic and contemporary range. Thank you very much for your attention and for listening to our feedback with our customers and our installer the company DOMOECLAIR of Mr Le Lay, who was present with us last night in this prestigious place and adapted to the prize-giving, to promote French creation as well as craftsmanship, trades of excellence and French-style industry.

Digital mapping and landscape ecology

At the end of August, I was able to take part, as part of the continuity of my professional career, in a QGIS training course, a software that allows me to move from maps to digital cartography coupled with the concept of landscape ecology, given at the Olivier de Serres site in Ardèche. During this exciting training course, which was very rich in information and work possibilities, I had the pleasure of being in contact with teachers from CHEP-L'école du savoir vert, which enabled us to exchange and discuss our professions in a different way than in the usual framework of my mandate as administrator and President of the association and the school.
Thanks to Guy Lempérière and Nicolas Robinet for the quality of their animation and the richness of their teaching.

Apple Tree_SIG_Chauchadens_450x600px
Les Jardins à l'Ancienne, BIO3G, testimony

Honoured by a partner

Nicolas Gobert, through its companies "Les Jardins à l'Ancienne" and "Patrimoine Végétal", was asked by its partner BIO3G to provide feedback with the collaboration of Fredon Ile-de-France on certain sites.
The BIO3G company, in view of the use and recommendations we have been making for many years on their range of products in the landscape and arboriculture sectors, has offered us the opportunity, through a testimonial on our 15 years of partnership, hindsight, analysis and experience on their range of products, to be featured in their magazine "BIO3 L'Agronome".
In this testimony and for certain sites, our work, analyses and observations were made in partnership with Fredon Ile-de-France.
With the benefit of hindsight and experience, we can now recommend and obtain very good results in agronomy, for the entire plant palette used in our projects or in arboricultural expertise.
Thank you to BIO3G for their confidence and the quality of the exchanges and collaboration in our various projects which has allowed us to regularly crown our work of redevelopment, landscaping and tree care with success in connection with my know-how, my expertise and 30 years of experience and work in the world of the landscape and the environment.

Regeneration of a lawn by sowing a grass... Spring 2021.

A good job of scarification, then reseeding with topsoil, plus a BIO3G organic amendment "Orga B Mix®" and an organic anti-moss "Calci Tonic Perlé®", coupled with regular mowing with a spiral mower. And here is the result!
We can congratulate the owner of this lawn, which was redone in 2016, and whose regular mowing has allowed a good maintenance of the existing grass, limiting the work of regeneration. Of course, the very wet Spring and early Summer contributed greatly to the establishment and tillering, with a choice of fast germinating grasses from "sports field" type mixtures.

Les Jardins à l'Ancienne, lawn
Les Jardins à l'Ancienne, lawn care

Grass regeneration work

In April, we scarified the lawns in order to remove the thatch and moss and to make the soil accessible for the application of an anti-moss treatment from the BIO3G range "Calci Tonic Perlé ®".
We left the product to work, with irrigation in view of the dry weather conditions to ensure that the product was effective. In addition, a selective weedkiller was applied to the lawns.
Once the humidity returned at the beginning of May, we put in place a seedbed with a superficial topdressing and rolled the whole. The precipitations linked to the good preparation of the soil, to the coating of the seed, and to the contribution of a soil activator such as " BIO3G, Orga B Mix® " allowed the good germination of the grass seeds.
At the beginning of June, we found a good density of grass with an increased growth, a deeper rooting inducing de facto a widening of the grass strand, leaving no more place to the moss and to the germination of other seeds on the ground. The impact of the mowing equipment can be seen in the various photos: in the first two photos, a robotic mower does the work; in the next two photos, the mowing is carried out using a rotary mower with collection, leaving more thickness to appear and eliminating the restitution of organic matter on the spot by the collection.

Reception of Aurore Bergé and Patrick Toulmet at CHEP -78

As part of my mandate as Chairman of the CHEP Board of Directors, I had the pleasure of welcoming Mrs Aurore Bergé, Member of Parliament, accompanied by Mr Patrick Toulmet, Interministerial Delegate for Apprenticeship, who were delighted with the visit to the site, the know-how and the excellence of the CHEP CHEP
I would like to thank the apprenticeship teams and the learners who took part.
Nicolas Gobert, Aurore Bergé, CHEP, Patrick Toulmet
seasonal decoration, Les Jardins à l'Ancienne

Seasonal decorations

End of the winter decorations where the calocephalus, heathers, daisies and pansies gave all their sublime with cool and humid climatic conditions allowing their full bloom.
At the same time, new planting began: grasses and perennials that fit in and contribute to the restructuring and the desire to integrate perennial plants into a site that looks to the future and respects its living environment.
Perennials and topiaries 🎋

Discovery of Lecuyer Nurseries

I visited Lecuyer Nurseries in Normandy in the heart of the Pays de Caux, in the Durdent valley, with a view to a future partnership.
The nurseries produce in the open ground according to the principles of permaculture and agroecology. Its forest garden, in favour of biodiversity, can be visited like a garden
I thank Mrs. Lecuyer and Mr. Mercher for their excellent welcome

ng pepiniere lecuyer
Nicolas Gobert, portrait of nicolas gobert, landscape gardener, arboricultural expert, viroflay, Les Jardins à l'Ancienne, Patrimoine Végétal

Open letter Nicolas Gobert - Patrimoine Végétal

Dear all,
I am pleased to invite you to come and discover a new aspect of our environmental and living world professions through my new arboricultural expertise company "Patrimoine Végétal", which I created last year in parallel with "Les Jardins à l'Ancienne" and its craft know-how.
For more than 30 years, I have evolved in my professional and personal life, I have met people, obtained diplomas and passed training and certification courses. Since 2008, I have been involved in the board of directors of a trade school, the CHEP 78 in Tremblay Sur Mauldreuntil I was entrusted with the Presidency in 2018. This made me realize the importance of optimizing all these skills from the field, new techniques acquired and expertise*.
Technical and scientific developments and expertise now allow us to manage and understand, with a new prism and a new vision, our entire environment and the world of living organisms and flora and fauna: in our urban, peri-urban or rural, natural, forest or coastal green spaces, etc.
Our activities in "Les Jardins à l'Ancienne" include masonry, metalwork, ironwork, electricity, lighting, earthworks, irrigation, planting, grassing, pruning etc. They should be accompanied by analysis, recommendations and expertise upstream and also during the projects and works. They are also necessary downstream in view of the disorders noted on the soils, the plants, the ecosystemss, the biotopes, lgreen, blue and black grids.
It is essential to integrate analyses and preparatory studies into development projects, as they are complementary and inseparable, in order to benefit from their advantages in our environmental professions.
"Plant Heritage" has allowed me to open a blank page, not attached to the conventional and traditional landscape world, with the aim of exploiting all these new perspectives and knowledge, useful and necessary to our landscape activities and to be more respectful of good practices in the future.
Without preconceived ideas or taboos, "Patrimoine Végétal" wishes to explore all the solutions that can help us in the management of trees, soils, the protection of ecosystems and biotopes, and the importance of taking into account the green, blue and black webs, and many others to come.
Through "Patrimoine Végétal" I propose to share our work, testimonies, experiences and expertise, just as in "Les Jardins à l'Ancienne", and to accompany you in your outdoor landscaping projects.
Without pretension, simply with seriousness, we propose you to follow our news with the seasons and our work, which will surely have an incidence on my evolution and the course of " Les Jardins à l'Ancienne ", which did not stop evolving, like me, since 20 years.
Kind regards,
Nicolas Gobert

The tree in development projects

Dear all,

Continuing my journey in arboriculture expertise, I had a great pleasure to return to the Tree Workshop to find Mr. William Moore. and other learners already crossed

We were able to deepen the ZPR (root protection zones), in order to have a global vision of the trees. This knowledge of the plant seen through the prism of the arboricultural expert should systematically lead to the production of recommendations and intervention protocols to respect and ensure the integrity of the plants in the framework of development projects.

The "integration of the tree heritage in the development projects" highlighted and so well defined by Mr Moore, should be made compulsory and unavoidable before any project!
With the amount of knowledge we have in this field of tree heritage protection, it can no longer be accepted that we can still and to this day, tolerate that for economic reasons, or laxity or negligence, that we damage and in an irremediable way in the short or medium term on the health and durability of plants that have a great heritage value or are in the making.
This training made me deeply aware that the role of the expert cannot be limited to a statement! But that he should be obligatorily associated with any preliminary reflection and accompaniment of developments in the broad sense of the term!
And if reason and common sense for the protection of our tree heritage should still not prevail to this day! Wouldn't it be time to sanction or to constrain any action that would harm our tree heritage?
Beautiful initiatives are being and have already been created to protect our tree heritage, and despite this, we note that they are still not the norm and that they unfortunately remain marginalized, and not sufficiently valued, nor followed! Even, bypassed when they exist and with impunity ...
What are the decision-makers waiting for to finally take advantage of the protection of our tree heritage instead of methodically striving to harm it over time!
photogroupe atelier arbre projet amenagement
seasonal decorations March 21, Les Jardins à l'Ancienne

Seasonal decorations mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring

Hello to all of you
In late winter and early spring, seasonal decorations : heatherthoughts, daisies have taken possession of the beds, and are beginning to display magnificent blooms in pastel tones as spring arrives. The improvement of the soil structure following the amendments and fertilizers BIO-3-G has been used to defragment and lighten heavy soils for 2 years now, and offers seasonal decorative plants a favourable growing medium for their fine root system, which requires organic matter and other substances. trace elements.
The soil improvement work initiated two years ago now offers us cultivation possibilities and agronomic improvements within a timeframe that would be unthinkable with the simple use of natural compost and other soils, and also ensures long-term improvement and support.

Seasonal decorations mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring

Hello to all of you
In late winter and early spring, seasonal decorations : heatherthoughts, daisies have taken possession of the beds, and are beginning to display magnificent blooms in pastel tones as spring arrives. The improvement of the soil structure following the amendments and fertilizers BIO-3-G has been used to defragment and lighten heavy soils for 2 years now, and offers seasonal decorative plants a favourable growing medium for their fine root system, which requires organic matter and other substances. trace elements.
The soil improvement work initiated two years ago now offers us cultivation possibilities and agronomic improvements within a timeframe that would be unthinkable with the simple use of natural compost and other soils, and also ensures long-term improvement and support.
formation class capa ma du chep taille fruitière ferme bec hellouin
QTRA certificate, nicolas gobert, Les Jardins à l'Ancienne

Obtaining the QTRA licence

Good morning, everyone,
In mid-February, I took the QTRA (Quantified Tree Risk Assessment) training: for us French people, this means "quantified tree risk assessment". Training given at the Atelier de l'Abre, and organized by Mr William Moore. This training is a continuation of the six previous trainings of the year 2020, given at the Atelier de l'Arbre.
group photo QTRA wiliam Moore
This QTRA training, after validation of a test sent from England, was materialized by the delivery of my licence, which is visible on request, on the QTRA website, after transmission of my code, to any person who would like to call upon my expertise and benefit from this very advanced and exceptional diagnostic base.
The QTRA method makes it possible to evaluate the probability of failure of a tree or one of its parts, in the next 12 months, by using calculators, taking into account: the environment, the importance of the tree or the part concerned and the risks of failure of this tree or the suspected part.
It eliminates the subjectivity or feeling at the time of diagnosis. Allows a simple, quantifiable decision making process, leading to a reasoned recommendation of the resources or intervention methods, or not, to be implemented to secure a situation of concern for a manager or a private individual.
Thus the results can both reinforce and confuse an initial visual inspection. The advantage: trees that would have been previously condemned can now be preserved with a greater level of confidence and safety for all, thanks to this method used in several countries and continents.
Many thanks to William Moore for his excellent transmission of knowledge, his always warm welcome, and the quality of the exchanges with the other participants in this training!
See you soon for more news. Yours sincerely, Nicolas Gobert.

Management of the Arboricultural Heritage of the Bec Hellouin Farm

Within the framework of the management of the arboreal heritage of the Ferme du Bec Hellouin and particularly in the feeder forest, advice, pruning recommendations and carrying out delicate pruning in collaboration with Charles Hervé-Gruyer, (a very attentive pupil who is open to understanding this type of pruning and arboreal management which is not his favourite field at the beginning).
The Hellouin Beak Organic Farm (permaculture)
CHARLES AND NG CHIEN, Ferme du Bec Hellouin, Nicolas Gobert, Patrimoine Végétal
helluva beak farm

Report France 3 - Hellouin's Beak Farm in the election for the French favourite farm - broadcast of Stéphane Bern - Votes before February 12, 2021.

You can vote before February 12 for this farm if you wish to support it.

I support and vote for the Ferme biologique du Bec-Hellouin, which I now know well.

After the meeting with Charles and Perrine Hervé-Gruyer at the farm in 2020, and after a day of discussions on the arboricultural management of the farm site and more particularly of the feeder forest, a pruning educational day with students from the CHEP (78)I appreciated and accepted the proposal of Charles and Perrine Hervé-Gruyer to take over the arboricultural management of the whole farm and particularly the support in advice and pruning work on the feeder forest.

I was present during the report and very honoured to be with Charles Hervé-Gruyère, in the middle of the feeder forest.

nicolas gobert farm of the hellouin beak

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Collaboration with the Ferme du Bec-Hellouin - Management of the tree patrimony

I have started a collaboration on the management of the arboreal heritage of the Bec-Hellouin Farmand more specifically on the feeder forest since last fall.
After a meeting and a day of exchanges, Perrine and Charles Hervé-Gruyer proposed to me to set up a global reflection, completed by an action of soft pruning and training, to accompany and control the development of the feeder forest.

The aim: to let the light return to all the plant strata, including the aromatics in the soil. This partnership and reflection should continue throughout 2021.

I am delighted to participate actively in this work and experimental projects on the feeder forest and more generally the arboreal heritage of the Bec-Hellouin Farm.

I would like to thank Perrine and Charles Hervé-Gruyère for the trust they place in my expertise and know-how.

charles and perrine Hervé-Gruyer

See you soon for more news on this wonderful challenge and sharing.

Yours sincerely, Nicolas Gobert.

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the helluva beak farm
Les Jardins à l'ancienne, Plant Heritage, Happy New Year 2021

Best wishes 2021- Welcome to Patrimoine Végétal

The year 2020 has been the year of all the questioning, reflections and ideas that have appeared to us as self-evident, upsetting our lives and journeys for some with the immediate effect of an awareness leading us to renew ourselves and forcing us to progress.

It is in this spirit, and after having obtained the status of Arboricultural Expert, that Mister Nicolas Gobert is pleased to announce the creation of its new company "  Plant Heritage The " Jardins à l'Ancienne " company, which comes to support in the fields of arboricultural expertise, but also consulting and landscape design, the artisanal know-how of its first company " Les Jardins à l'Ancienne ".

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Arboricultural expertise training - Tree workshop with William Moore

At the end of November, I attended the training course "Tree architecture: ontogeny, diagnosis and pruning" at the University of Geneva. l'Atelier de l'Abre,🌳🌲 organized by Mr. William Moore. and co-facilitated by Yves Cariglio from the Faculty of Montpellier, in the continuity of the five previous training courses held in January, February, March, September and October.
This module allows us to better understand how a tree develops and lives, from its birth to its death, and therefore to use the indicators that the tree gives us to determine and support our diagnosis.
Thanks again to William Moore for passing on his knowledge and to Yves Cariglio, as well as to the other participants, with whom I spent an excellent week, rich in every way and at every level.

certificate followed by internship tree architecture

Atelier de l'Arbre - architecture de l'abre
factory visit roger pradier

Passage to the factory Roger Pradier® of Châteauroux.

On my left, our sales representative - Mrs Cécile Thévenin, on my right Mr Tristan de Witte - manager, and Stéphane Joyeux - designer and artistic director.

A surprising visit based on the discovery of a craft production, which relies on the know-how of the factory's employees, some of whom have for years held all the production, assembly and design methods of these French luminaires, entirely made in France by personnel attached to the brand, the quality of the product and the values of Roger Pradier® and its history.

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Dear all, fall is here.....

The summer season has ended and has therefore resulted in the removal of the summer decorations.

After erecting the massifs, we proceeded to set up the framework of winter decorations, consisting of biennials; pansies and daisies, pansies and daisies, pansies and daisies, pansies and daisies, pansies and daisies, pansies and daisies. calocephalus and heather.
The chromatic range chosen, beyond the silvery calocephalus, is: the cold tone covering the colour palette of blues, whites, pinks and all the colours of the earth.different tones.
The customer's wish is to bring serenity, calm and rest of the eye as the blooming season progresses and the total coverage of the flowerbeds until the middle of spring.
The range BIO3G has once again accompanied us with the contribution of their organic amendment of Activ-tonic type which will ensure the nutrition of plants, for a good recovery,
To be continued and see you soon.......

autumn plantings
containment announcement oct 2020

We stay open during containment

Dear Customers,

We continue to carry out our interventions as well as our visits to customers by appointment only, in the strict respect of barrier gestures.
However, our offices are not open to the public.
We will respond to all your requests as usual including the sale of products.
Take good care of yourself.
See you soon, Mr. Nicolas Gobert.

You can contact us at or by mail :
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Arboricultural expertise training - Tree workshop with William Moore

In mid-October, I attended the training course "Biology and Identification of wood-eating mushrooms "of l'Atelier de l'Arbreorganized and animated by Mr William Moore.🌳🌲 in the continuity of the four previous trainings of January, February, March, and September "Journey to the Center of the Tree", (V.T.A), (D.T.O), (V.G.A).
This module provides an in-depth view of the relationship between fungi and cankers pathogens, and the tree; their identification and their influence on the long or short term follow-up of the tree, and the restitution of the diagnosis expected by the client.
This training opens our eyes to the intimate relationship between cankers, fungi, trees and conifers!

A complex and exciting world where all our knowledge and methodology is put to the test!

certificate followed by training course on lignivorous fungi and trees

Thanks again to William Moore 😀for the transmission of his knowledge and to the present team, with whom I spent an excellent week, rich in every way.

workshop tree biology group mushrooms
photo group tree workshop GVA

Arboricultural expertise training - Tree workshop with William Moore

In mid-September I attended the training course "Management of Old Trees and Biodiversity (G.V.A)" of l'Atelier de l'Arbreorganized and animated by Mr William Moore.🌳🌲 in the continuity of the three previous training sessions of January, February and March, respectively "Journey to the centre of the tree", Visual Tree Analysis (V.T.A) and "Diagnosis, treatment, observation - Sustainable management of tree heritage".
This training provides a better understanding of the accompaniment and aging of the tree and its interactions with wildlife. It puts the old tree back at the heart of an eco-system that is a source of life and future organic matter for the soil. Should we keep senescent or dead trees standing? Remarkable old trees, isolated, in hedges or groves, threatened tree heritage. Through the techniques, knowledge and work processes delivered and transmitted by William Moore, our viewpoint changes as well as our understanding and management of these old trees.
 Thanks again to William and the speakers for this wonderful transmission of knowledge !especially to Mr Guy Lemperière- Dr Es Sciences of the University of Grenoble.
 Photo 1du  Tombeboeuf site#Carcuspetraea (#sessiliflora) Nominated Tree Remarkable Tree of the Year 2019 about 300 years old
Tombeboeuf, Aquitaine, France

 photos 2 and 3 - Site Puymallet - #Platanusorientalis

Seasonal decorations in September

In May, we showed you how to set up seasonal decorations.🌸🌹🌺🌼
In this month of September, the plants reach their peak and give us back all their sublime through the heights, colours and shapes we had imagined and which finally reveal themselves, for the greatest pleasure of our eyes and thoughts.
seasonal decoration september 2020

Lawn maintenance with a robotic lawn mower

In the continuation of the transformation of this garden open to the public, but not accessible in this area re-grassed in the spring, and to meet the customer's request, we have finalized the installation of a robotic mower.
The robot acclimatized perfectly to the area and very quickly took possession of its new function.
The advantages are many; daily passes ensure complete mowing of the area over 48 hours, restoring the soil to its organic matter content, limiting the disadvantages of using walking tractor rotary mowers.
The robot works from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm during the mowing periods in order to limit as much as possible the disturbance to the biotope and the fauna of the area. (In winter it will be stored)
The result: a dense lawn, a soil ensuring good permeability with better oxygenation and an increased water reserve, by the elimination of mowing too short mowing cumulated at too high blade rotation speeds and repeated punching of the soil by the weight and walking of the operators.
These problems are eliminated by the robot thanks to a constant mowing height maintained between a minimum of 7 cm and a maximum of 10 cm, and the conservation of mowing waste on the spot, which contributes to a regular supply of nitrogen, coupled with controlled watering, ensure that the lawn has good vigour and an attractive appearance.
Without forgetting that the non-collection of cutting waste does not require transport by van in a recycling platform, equipped with combustion engine machines to ensure the transformation into green compost, compost that never returns to its initial area.
The electric robot mower not only has advantages but also makes it possible to date and in the meantime other technical developments to limit the incidences and disorders of all kinds related to lawn mowing.

Visit of the Paul Jovet Botanical Coastal Garden in the Basque Country

During our stay in the Basque Country we took the opportunity to visit the Paul Jovet Coastal Botanical Garden.🌲🌹🌸🌴
The curiosity and the discovery of this garden, were all the more great that over the publications and information on facebook, we were eager to discover a garden with a rich history since its conception, its development until today.
So we walked through a multifaceted garden, a surprisingly green atmosphere through a path that offers us a magnificent view of the ocean between Saint-Jean-de-Luz And Biarritz.
Beautiful discovery and convivial moment to be seen and seen again over the years and seasons.
Don't hesitate to equip yourself with a pair of binoculars, a camera and a magnifying glass to enjoy the beauty of the different green spaces and the view of the coast.
July bloom

The plants are blooming ....

After the summer ornamental plantings were carried out in early June, the plants developed perfectly and quickly, probably thanks to last year's soil improvement work and the continued use of soil improvers and of organic fertilizer with each seasonal change of decoration.
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Return of pollinators around honey plants ...

The last few weeks have seen human activity slowing down and then slowly picking up again, which has not been the case in our parks and gardens.

A multitude of pollinators move from flower to flower in peace and quiet, as well as a lot of passerines (chickadees, sparrows, robins ...) reappropriate our gardens and parks, for our great happiness!

The gardeners also knew how to be discreet when carrying out architectural pruning, by working in the garden.ant with the help of chalk lines in order to achieve perfectly executed alignments with hand shears, pruning shears and electric shears.
This unexpectedly calm, and the lack of human frequentation in places usually open to the public, allowed all these little people to live together, while remaining focused on their respective tasks.

Bees, bumblebees ... have allowed the realization of good pollination "and have given themselves over to good pollen harvests", while ladybird larvae, ladybirds, small birds among others have allowed a good regulation of the populations of aphids, caterpillars ... of this spring.

All this fragile ecosystem has been able to recover naturally, in a general way and in this framework conducive to idleness, the collection and contemplation of this biodiversity found, and orchestrated in all simplicity by an early spring more than clement.

A privileged moment, when time seems infinite, in parenthesis, and when humanity is getting back in touch with this so fragile nature...

flowering, pollination
17 days after sowing

17 days after sowing ...

The photos presented to you were taken 17 days after the sowing of this plot.
We have prepared the growing medium by incorporating a "Mineralysis" type soil activator, as well as a bacterial bio-stimulant that acts from the germination stage of the "Mico-Tonic" type of the BIO3G range.
Then, during the soil preparation, we incorporated white peat from Floragardean organic amendment on an organic carrier such as Activ-Tonic and a organic amendment of the "Orga Activ Gazon" type from BIO3G, in order to promote the bursting of the clay-humus and marl complex, from these poor quality soils analysed by the FREDON Ile de France (soil related to the construction).
All these fertilising and amending elements were positioned before and during the preparatory work for the semi. The aim was to promote and accelerate the fragmentation of the clay-marl complex, made up of a mixture of 70% clay and marl and 30% compost that cannot be degraded. Indeed, compost enclosed in the soil rots because it is deprived of its biotope and of air, which makes it impossible to degrade the organic matter necessary for the good health of plants and soil life.
An automatic watering system completes this arrangement on a flat roof with a substrate thickness often less than 60 cm. Hence, the need to associate to this vegetalisation an appropriate irrigation system managed as precisely as possible.
Mulching has been positioned in the beds to conserve and limit water requirements, while controlling the frequency of gardeners' visits and soil compaction, allowing them to concentrate on monitoring plants while limiting weeding needs.

The season of winter decorations is coming to an end.

We invite you to discover on the attached photos, the culmination and culmination of the flowering of the plants, consisting of a mixture ofEricas, from calocephalusof thoughts and daisies.

The vegetal framework has found in the soil and available, the benefits of the BIO3G range The new products: Mineralyse, Micro-Tonic and Active-Tonic, which complemented the soil improvement work carried out by the company.sion in the spring of 2019.

At the uprooting, for the renewal of the seasonal decorations, we noticed a very good rooting of the plants, inducing a good height as well as a good density and quality of flowering. In view of the climatic conditions of this winter and spring, the resistance of the plants and their good sanitary state encourage and comfort us in the working methods and recommendations that we have proposed and implemented for our customers.

winter planting 3
tree workshop - william Moore

Arboricultural expertise training - Tree workshop with William Moore

At the beginning of March I was able to participate in the Diagnosis Treatment Observation (D.T.O.) training of theTree Workshoporganized and animated by Mr William Moore.🌳🌲

This training complements the first two training sessions in January and February, "Journey to the Center of the Tree" and Visual Tree Analysis (V.T.A.), which made me get to know and take another look at the trees and conifers that surround us, as well as the means to understand them, to diagnostic and to accompany them, through the techniques, knowledge and work processes delivered and transmitted by William Moore. Thank you William for this wonderful transmission of knowledge!

To date, these first 3 trainings have allowed me to acquire my first strip of arboricultural expert recognized by William.

So I decided to take the plunge into arboricultural expertise by equipping myself with all the survey, diagnostic and field sampling equipment. But also with all the laboratory equipment and in particular a tri-nocular microscope with integrated camera, to finalize my analyses on samples and samplings, in the continuity of the teaching and expertise process delivered by William.

With this new skill, backed by my 30 years of experience, acquired in the landscape, teaching and continuing education sectors, I will be able to carry out your arboricultural diagnoses, for private individuals, condominiums and public services (municipalities, urban communities, departmental and regional parks, etc.).

So do not hesitate to contact me and ask for help. This way I will be able to bring you all my help and skills in the vast fields of arboricultural expertise.
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Visit of Reunion Island at the end of February in a professional setting.

In his capacity as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CHEP (Horticultural Centre for Education and Promotion), MrNicolas Gobert. Stéphane Amiot, Director of the CHEP, accompanied Mr. Stéphane Amiot on a business trip to Reunion Island.

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visit meeting - CHEP
CVA tree workshop JANUARY2020

Arboricultural expertise training at Atelier de l'Arbre - William Moore

In January, Mr. Nicolas Gobert followed a 4-day training entitled "Journey to the Tree Centre".🌳🌲
Below is a group photo of the people present at William MOORE's workshop - Tree Workshop from which one does not come back without questioning, uncertainties and which necessarily require to go further in the training courses and by oneself.
Thanks to William MOORE and participants for these 4 fabulous days in the Bergerac region
Tree Centre Travel Certificate

Participation in the public meeting of December 19, 2019 in Rambouillet at the initiative of Aurore Bergé on the Theme of Ecology: What if we already had the solutions to change the model?

In response to the invitation of the MP Aurore Bergé Mr Nicolas Gobert, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CHEP (high school of environmental professions in Tremblay sur Mauldre) represented the association on Thursday, December 19, 2019. Mr. Henri Cazajus, Secretary of the CHEP association was also present to represent his field of expertise within the "CHEP Association". La Ferme de la Tremblaye  as well as the Green Factory.

No photo description available.

The meeting provided an opportunity for open discussions with the floor on broader issues of ecology, methods and initiatives already in use in the areas of expertise of the speakers.

In view of the present and future ecological stakes, the reform of apprenticeship and continuing education, this meeting was aimed at all profiles: students, high school students and apprentices, professionals in the context of their acquisition and validation of skills or in the context of retraining, or any public interested and wishing to learn more about the field of ecology today and tomorrow.

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Visit of the Paysalia 2019 exhibition - Lyon from 3 to 5 December 2019

On the occasion of our visit to Paysalia 2019, we had the pleasure to meet on their booth:
Tecomah EA Ms. Bouvet and Ms. Verdier
France Arrosage SAS Mr. Figuera
Urbasense Mr. Bur
BIO3G Collective: Collective
Caahmro Mr. Martin
The Potteries of Ravel Ms. Marion and Ms. Julie Ravel
Everedge Ms. Jamin
We crossed and encouraged:
CHEP Mr. Amiot accompanying Mr. François who came to defend his title of French Champion of Plant Recognition, category: "professionals".
We would like to thank everyone for their hospitality, the quality and sincerity of the discussions we had.

We had a warm and pleasant time at this show PaysaliaThis is ideal for interviews, presentations of equipment and materials, while taking advantage of a reminder of existing ranges and a presentation of new products.

It was also an opportunity for us to review and meet partners with whom we exchange by phone and email throughout the year and finally take the time to exchange some news and conversation topics, outside of any commercial relationship.
The human relations and personality of our partners are also very important to us, since we have been working for 15 or even 17 years for the oldest and 2 years for the most recent.
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Celebration of the ENSAV in Versailles on 18 October 2019

Mr. Nicolas Gobertaccompanied by Mr. Stéphane Amiot - Director of the CHEP (Centre Horticole d'Enseignement et de Promotion) extend their warm thanks to its Director Mr. Jean-Christophe Quinton and Mr. Guillaume Ramillien - Organizer, for their invitation to the inauguration of the school's 50th anniversary exhibition.

Indeed, Les Jardins à l'Ancienne are partners ofSchool of Architecture of Versailles since 2005.
As part of the implementation and maintenance of the Ravel pottery in the courtyard of the Maréchalerie, pottery and pebbles from the Vierkant Workshops in the school premises, which are decorated with indoor and outdoor plants.

We were delighted to participate in this event, to attend the speech of its director and the organizer who recalled the history of the school and presented the exhibition whose works we were able to admire in the school's nave.

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50 years old ensav

CHEP handover ceremony - Friday, October 11, 2019

As part of his mandate as Chairman of the Board of Directors of CHEP, MrNicolas Gobert., with the help of the Board, recruited a new Director in the person of Mr. Stéphane Amiot who took up his duties on October 1, 2010, (in the middle of the photo) following the appointment of Mr. Laurent Carles as Director of UNREP (to the right of the photo), who left his duties on September 30, 2019.
On this occasion, the ceremony of passingThe Executive Board meeting was held on Friday 11 October at the CHEP in the presence of the administrative and teaching staff, as well as CHEP's professional, administrative and historical partners.

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Visit of the Gardens of Villa Arnaga in Cambo-les-Bains - August 2019

During the summer, like the G7, the Jardins à l'Ancienne spent time in the Basque Country and visited the exceptional garden of Villa Arnaga, so dear to the famous poet Edmond Rostand.

An exquisite blend of English and French gardens stretching over 15 hectares and designed by the poet himself.

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Villa Arnaga

Visit of Mr. Yan Portellano -Tree park near Bern in Switzerland from July 1 to 5, 2019

While in Switzerland, to visit Mr. Yan Portellano, a qualified and experienced gardener from the Landscape School of the Bern region, and manager of a 2 hectare landscaped site and 5 hectares of forests around the City of Bern.
We were able to exchange on our projects, methods and techniques, materials and landscape activities, while taking into account the difference between our two regions, countries and climates.
This meeting and these exchanges over several days, allowed me to step back and take advantage of these shared landscape reflections to reopen my ideas on the world of landscape.
Mr. Portellano also introduced me to the City of Berne and the magnificent Rose Park on the other side of the Aare River. From where the City of Bern can be admired through several vegetable windows, all intoxicated by the scents of the Roses, diffusing into the atmosphere during the visit and as we stroll through the Park.
Among other things, we visited several of its suppliers throughout the Berne, Neuchâtel and Fribourg regions. Always in the spirit of discovering new products, new methods and openness to other regional and national practices, specific to another European country: Switzerland.
Many thanks to Mr. Yan Portellano, for the time he has given, as well as to his colleagues, and for all these passionate and exciting discussions and exchanges.
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Salon Jardins-Jardins Paris from June 6 to 9, 2019

Visit of the booth Roger Pradier on June 6, during the evening "the night of the gardens" dedicated to professionals.
Meet and exchange with Tristan de Witte, on the novelties in the catalogue and coming soon.
Point on our orders and possibility of working with the brand.
Evening, under the sign of the sunset where the structure "urban jungle" takes all its meaning on the bottom of the sizes in curtains and the hue of the sky.
Exchange also with the designer of the structure, Stéphane Joyeux, designer of models of Roger Pradier since 2001-already awarded for his models in many competitions.


Garden jardin6 June

Aurore Bergé visits Chep on May 25, 2019

As part of his mandate as Chairman of the CHEP Board of Directors, Mr. Nicolas Gobert , supported by his Director Mr Laurent Carles, met with Mrs Aurore Bergé, on the day of the feast of nature-on 25 May last, on the campus at Tremblay sur Mauldre.
The aim of the Member's visit was to get to know this institution, which has been focused on the natural and environmental professions for more than 70 years through various stands and activities promoting all the courses of the high school. , learning and continuing education.
It was in the Sun that this visit was held where the Member of Parliament was able to meet our young learners, our teams of teachers and administrative staff who were able to value the work accomplished highlighting the right levels of recruitment and the results more than national averages.
Mrs. Congresswoman, who was very attentive during this discovery of our establishment, assured us of her support and her kindness to accompany the establishment in innovation, openness and reflection to new channels integrating new technologies, and the proper integration of future reforms.
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